The Ride

Since the days of Easy Rider, riding the open road has been a symbol of freedom and hope. And, as everybody knows, nobody rides for free. But sometimes even money won’t pay the ticket, no matter how much of it you have.

Two young friends (Jakub Spalek, Radek Pastrnak) set out on a holiday trip through their native Bohemia with freedom loving Americans as their model. In the local condition, though, that requires a good deal of improvisation: their beautiful convertible materializes when they cut the roof off an old wreck and who needs a driving licence when you know how to dodge the police. Under strange circumstances, the two friends are joined by beautiful girl (Anna Geislerova) who is on the run. For her, the two heroes are willing to pretend to rob a bank and much, much more. The play on light adventure, a humorous Central European paraphrase of the road movie, then begins to mix with the play performed by women and men from time immemorial. It’s really not that hard to play freely with love and death. There’s just one problem, that sometimes it truly doesn’t pay off.