Accumulator 1

Outsider Olda is a typical product of this era: a psychological and physical “drip” whose time is spent watching the TV, which for him –as for many of us – provides an artificial substitute for his own life. Overlooked and ridiculed by his sexually more successful colleague, Olda spends his evenings alone in front of his TV set, empty and becoming emptier still – until one day he can’t leave his bed and is taken to hospital with an unidentified ailment. Only folk therapist Fisarek finds a name for his strange disease – “total loss of energy”. When the hero manages to successfully recharge himself from trees, art and people, what remains is to find out to where his vitality disappears so quickly. It soon becomes apparent that the mysterious vampire is the television screen. An uneven struggle to break the strong bond with the powerful medium begins. Once a “drip”, Olda has now become an action hero as he fights for life, for his identity and for the love of a beautiful dentist. It seems that the only way to salvation is to destroy the omnipresent enemy. Olda draws the gigantic amount of energy required for such a counterattack out of unsuspecting people, and he almost forgets the basic rule of his therapist: anything that is abused will inevitably have deplorable consequences.