An artistic documentary with the slogan The Marblization of Zdeněk Svěrák is released in an innovatory way to film distribution on DVD. It is a complex biographic documentary describing the life and artistic fate of the father of one of the filmmakers, who is a script-writer, lyrics-writer and interpreter of songs for children, actor and co-founder of the Jara Cimrman’s Theatre. The picture was made in a time span of over a year and the authors had available material for eighty hours. The filmmakers proceed chronologically. They find the protagonist in places which play an important role in his life: in the Bohdalec quarter in Prague (the location of the film The Elementary School); in Kopidlno, where he used to live since he was seven and experienced war there; in Žatec, where he began as a teacher; or in various places in Prague. They follow the characteful theatre tour to the Krkonoše Mountains and they look carefully into Svěrák’s private life in the cottage and the conflict connected to the script of The Returnables.